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If you aren’t absolutely new to SEO, you probably know that there are two main types of optimization: on page and off page. On page SEO refers to the information on the page, to various elements such as titles, headlines and meta tags. Off page SEO is the way your website is perceived by the virtual community, by the other websites in your niche and by the social media networks.

Although at first sight you may think you can’t influence off page SEO, there are methods and strategies you can use to make your pages more relevant for specific keywords and niches, thus determining search engines to rank you higher for those terms that can attract qualified leads and potential customers. If you take a look at the Google’s Guide for Webmasters, you are going to see you aren’t allowed to buy links or to offer people any incentive to link to you. Read this guide carefully, but take everything with a grain of salt. It is possible to develop off page optimization strategies that are in line with these guidelines.

Guest posting is one of the good strategies. Done right, it can bring you valuable links. When choosing the blogs you’d like to publish on, make sure they are authoritative for the niche you are in. The better their authority, the more juice those links are going to give you. However, you need to make sure you write truly compelling articles, otherwise you don’t have too many chances to get published by top blogs in your industry. Additionally, when choosing your anchor text, don’t settle for the same keywords each and every time. Use a mix of your name, your keywords, your URL or even the classic “click here”, so widespread and so natural than Google sees it as normal.

Maintaining an active presence in social media and in authority forums in your industry is one of the off page optimization strategies that can bring you unexpectedly good results. A good strategy in this direction should involve you becoming a pillar of your community, a beacon and a guiding resource for all people seeking for help in your areas of expertise. You need to become a public figure, an authority in your industry, someone people would follow and value.

As you can imagine, neither of these off page optimization strategies is a shortcut to making you rank higher very fast. They both involve a lot of work and a lot of investment of time and energy. You can’t become an expert over night. Even if you already are an expert in your industry, you still need many months or even years to let the people know what you can do for them. You have to be willing to give a lot before being able to harvest the fruits of your efforts. Off page SEO is about you becoming an important part of the online world, well known and appreciated by people in your industry.

Consider developing a strategy that includes multiple channels. Don’t focus solely on Facebook or on search engine marketing. Setup a video streaming channel or a podcast and produce outstanding shows for your audience. Join the most important forums on your chosen topics and work your way to the top by helping others solve their problems. Be there for the people and they are going to quote you and link to you naturally. This is exactly what Google and other search engines want from you: to be the answer to the questions of people in need. That’s what they want users to see on the first page of results: answers to their question. Become that answer and you’ll get your reward from search engines as well.

If you need more off page optimization tips or SEO service, contact SEO company Brooklyn.

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